The Jammer Classic
Friday, April 6 - Sunday, April 8, 2018
Always seek and find something in life you truly enjoy.
Muster together the strength, wisdom, and determination to be good
 at it and take it to a level where it simply makes you feel good.
Put yourself in a position so that you can touch and influence others,
 and in return you will be touched and influenced by them.
If you can bring about what Jamieson brought to others and in turn
 what was brought to him, then we will all be the better for it.
Remember to always pass the ball to everyone around you. Not just to those that will catch it and put it into the net, but also to those that might fumble it, for they will catch it in their hearts and remember you always.
May all of those who play in the Jammer Classic draw inspiration from
a great young man who was called upon to play his game elsewhere.
His legacy will remain with us forever.
October 22, 1992 - May 21, 2008
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Prior Tournaments
The Jamieson Kuhlmann Memorial Field Lacrosse Tournament