The Jammer Classic
Friday, April 6 - Sunday, April 8, 2018
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The Jamieson Kuhlmann Memorial Field Lacrosse Tournament
Jamieson Kuhlmann's life was full of joy and endless adventures, his last year truly being the best of his life during which he came to be the best that he could be. One of his fondest memories, and one that he told endless stories of, was the Hill Academy's romp through the Mecca of Lacrosse, Maryland and Washington. Jamieson and his small 16 man school team stormed through the fields of some of the best high schools in the U.S.. The teamís pinnacle was reached in their defeat of #1 ranked Loyola-Blakefield. Jamieson's personal pinnacle was reached when they visited Georgetown University, the school at which Coach Brodie Merrill attended, and in whose footsteps Jamieson dreamed of following.

Jamieson left us doing what he loved most, playing the game of lacrosse with the Toronto Beaches, the Club he called home since he was 4. He had defended his goal like a rock, and made his final run up the field, trusty long-pole in hand, with the same skill and determination he brought to all aspects of his life.

He was at peace and he was content. We are sure Jamieson has found himself a pitch somewhere else to play on. A pitch that brings together a similar group of fine young men and coaches that he was so honoured to play with here.